We're Pet-Friendly & free

We do take a $100 authorization! $9 for each pet after 2, must vacume and clean up all hairs and other pet increments

Pet owners often travel with hope to find lodging that is friendly and welcoming to their pets. So how do you know if lodging is really pet-friendly? If you're getting charged significantly more for your room for having your pet tag along, how is this pet-friendly? If pet charges are exorbitant, then the message to you and your pet companion(s) is flat out pet-UNfriendly.

Cabins4Less is pet-friendly to the nth degree! We charge ZERO fees for upto 2 dogs! Pets are welcome in any of our cabins. Even our location is pet-friendly - sitting right next to Boulder Bay! Suffice it to say, we're huge fans of pets.

Our pet policy: We ask that pets not be permitted on furniture or bedding. If your pet is permitted to do so at home, we ask that you bring with you something to cover up the furniture/bedding, roll up and take back home with you. This allows us to keep our pet charges the lowest in Big Bear!

This method has been working for us, as the cabins have zero pet smell in them (not covered up). People respect our low price and our cabins have been well taken care of, as a result. Want more and comment click https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oE0MuPjU7SZ0yKXevig0yBZsG6he3hHyLusrOLOqASs/edit?usp=sharing

Take a minute and view our video: Big Bear Pet Friendly


Big Bear Pet-Friendly Lodging

Bring Fido!

Pets need to get away too!

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